Sponsor now to provide a safe, supervised visitation. image

Sponsor now to provide a safe, supervised visitation.

Your donation will provide overhead and financial assistance for safe, family strengthening supervised visitation.

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Camden Community Family Services provides family strengthening supervised visitation for children separated from their parents due to domestic violence, neglect, physical abuse and or sexual abuse. Having regular contact with both parents is vital and positively impacts a child’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Children are able to have specific and predictable visits with the non-custodial parent, keeping them out of their parents’ conflicts, allowing for healthy relationships with both parents. The Supervised Visitation service also allows children the assurance that they will be able to visit the non-custodial parent in a safe and comfortable environment, without stress or worry about the outcome of the visit. Children are the main focus, and their connection with both parents is vital for their positive growth.